Final Website Reflection

I am very happy with how this website has turned out. Over the semester, I played with a variety of different menu options, but was not satisfied with any of the categories- I thought that some categories ended up holding a lot of different posts and others held only one, and I did not think this was an efficient way of grouping my posts and organizing my website. Over the semester, I tooled with different drop-down menus but was ultimately unsatisfied with how they were grouped, so I decided to create quick links at the top of my website page that went directly to individual posts. I ordered them in chronological order of when they were done so it kind of reflected our semester and the progress I made. I did not have a particular vision of the website before I started it- I knew that I wanted it to be visually pleasing and not basic looking. I wanted to draw my audience in with an image at the beginning of each blog post, and I did exactly this. Ultimately, I think that it met my expectations in that it is visually pleasing and had images spread throughout the posts. I also think that I have been so accustomed to viewing such advanced websites with a lot of different capabilities, so working with the free version of this platform definitely limited me from creating a website that mirrored websites that many people tend to frequent like YouTube or Facebook that have such advanced capabilities. With the resources I had on WordPress, though, I feel like it came out very nice looking and easy to navigate which were my main goals. 

Making a website was harder than I expected. Even though I have worked with WordPress before, I always underestimate the time it takes to make sure that spatially, everything is where it needs to be. In my personal opinion, WordPress can be a bit difficult to work with, especially when it comes to the customizer, so this was something I needed to learn how to work with. I think before I had ever tried to make a website, I thought it could be done with clicks of a button or by clicking and dragging things, but some of these tools are not this simple. I will use this website as a move forward with my IDS study of gender disparity in sports media to refer back to the research I’ve conducted on how social media plays a role. There’s a lot of pertinent information on this website that can be very helpful for my study, and it will be my best interest to utilize this information. This website overall enhanced how I understood our course material on digital media. I think creating a website to put all of our assignments really brought my understanding of digital media full circle. It would be a bit pointless to study digital media without utilizing digital media’s platofmrs to get these ideas across. Therefore, using this digital media platform really reinforced this idea that digital media has changed the way information is consumed.

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