Creative Project Rough Draft

For my creative project, I am posing as a professional athlete, conveniently named Profesh Athlete, on Instagram (@profeshathlete). This persona is neither male nor female, simply a figure that is solely meant to be known in the sports world. As an avid sports fan, I follow plenty of athletes on Instagram, and I have noticed a lot of similarities between what these athletes post regardless of their gender, what sport they play, or how popular they are. I have found that they tend to post a lot about their sponsors and endorse products, they promote their own games or matches, and they also post about their personal lives and family. I was most inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Alex Morgan, and Neymar’s instagrams, but I also looked at lower-profile professional athlete instagrams as well such as Bryce Harper and Sue Bird.

Here are screenshots from the account:

Most famous athletes or celebrities in general have a short bio explaining that this is their official account. They also often put links to their websites in their bio.
It is very common for athletes to endorse workout places or equipment.They typically tag these companies on the photo directly or in their captions. This post also illustrates the interactivity between fans and athletes as @profeshathlete responded to a fan comment.
Athletes also post about their families and personal lives away from their sport. The most likable athletes tend to be those that are more relatable, which are those with families.
The constant product endorsements actually reach fans, and fans will spend their money on brands that their idols sponsor. This post exemplifies how fans might want to show celebrities their allegiance to them by supporting these brands. Haters might disagree with their endorsements as seen above.

Between now and the due date for this project, I am going to get friends to follow this account and comment on the posts as either fans or haters. I will also post more images that relate to topics I haven’t covered yet such as awards shows that athletes also go to.

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