Creative Project Proposal

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I am frankly still not one hundred percent about what I am going to for my creative project. I am analyzing how social media has impacted and changed the sports industry. Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have served as great ways for fans and professional athletes and other people with high roles in the sports industry to connect. For this reason, I am considering creating a social media fan account that engages with professional athletes, partakes in amateur journalism, and reposts endorsements by professional athletes. It will act as a way to connect with people in the sports industry while also compiling examples of pro athlete endorsements. I could also create a social media account posing as a professional athlete and self-promote through my posts as well as connect with “fans”. I use Instagram to share photos with my friends, but professional athletes and famous sportspeople use the account to market themselves. It would be interesting to use Instagram for this and see how it is received.

In order to complete this project, I will post about three times a week. These posts will all entail something different. I plan to gain a following through telling friends about the account and perhaps even gain new followers through hashtags. Again, I am still not positive that this will be my final idea, but I think it would be interesting to pursue.

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