Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I want to focus on the emergence of digital technology in sports. I have been a life-long sports fan, and in just my nineteen years, I have seen a dramatic spike in the use of technology in today’s game. This goes for all sports: in soccer, “Goal Line Technology” is used to overturn called goals and other game-changing plays in the World Cup. In baseball, sensors are installed all over ballparks to track exit velocity of hits, speed of pitches, and distance of hits and throws. These digital programs are then made easy for fans to understand while they are watching games and highlights- so much so that in 2019 you cannot watch a sports game without seeing some sort of digital representation or manipulation of the game on your screen. I think it is so fascinating how digital media has taken over the way we consume sports, and I want to look into this more and see how it has changed overtime.

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