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I am really excited about starting up the process of making this website. Much like my peers, I have had previous experience creating a WordPress website for my freshman English class, so I am moderately familiar with how it works. So far, I am happy with how things are going both in FILM 208 and on this website- I think it’s really cool to have one place where all things FILM 208 live whether it be written entries or different forms of media. My main goals for this website are to inform, explore new topics, challenge ideas whether it be my own or others’, and to create a space that flows nicely. I do not want this website to just be a representation of myself in this class, rather, I want it to be a representation of myself outside of the classroom as well. This being said, I want to create a virtual space that makes sense to me and that I can be proud of. The theme I plan to go along with is a simple blue-centered theme. I personally am not big on a wide variety colors, so I plan to visually keep it simple as too much color tends to distract. I know that I want to organize my posts into different tabs as best as I can in order to make it easier on the eye and easier to navigate.

In such a technological age, I find it interesting that I do not have particular website designs that come to mind that inspire me. I have never kept up with blogs and I feel as though the only websites I visit are for the purpose of research or work. This being said, there are no other websites that have inspired the beginning designs of my website. Before the end of the semester, I would like to make my website as accessible as possible.  

The only problem I have encountered is the limitations in both my knowledge about building websites, and what kind of capabilities the free version of WordPress offers. To get more specific, I’m having trouble figuring out how to remove the “uncategorized” tab. This is not a huge setback though, and I definitely appreciate learning as I continue to build the website. 

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